Holy Cross Cemetery Memorials

The Kotecki Family are leading providers of grave markers, monuments, and other custom Holy Cross Cemetery memorials. Located in Brook Park, Ohio, this west side facility is among the most prominent of Cleveland Catholic Cemeteries. The grounds reflect much of the work of Kotecki stone carvers from the past half century.

Holy Cross Cemetery
Brook Park, Ohio

  • Location: 14609 Brookpark Road, Brook Park, Ohio
  • Established: 1950
  • Total Acres: 230
  • Burial Options: Ground Memorials, Upright Monuments, Creation, Mausoleums

Kotecki Memorial Options:

We offer many options to memorialize your loved ones including traditional memorials, upright monuments, cremation urns, and mausoleums.

Holy Cross Memorial Contacts:

Kotecki Family Memorials
Brook Park

15201 Brookpark Road
Brook Park, Ohio 44142
Showroom Hours:
MON-FRI: 9am-5pm
SAT: 9am-3pm

Contact: Lynn Saber

Holy Cross Cemetery - Granite Cross - Kotecki Family Memorials

Granite Sculpture Frames Holy Cross Cemetery

Erected in 1980 by Kotecki Family Memorials, this 56-ton granite cross was placed at the center grounds of Holy Cross Cemetery in Brook Park, Ohio. Then diocesan director of cemeteries Father John Clines said the Kotecki-built structure may have been one of the largest of its kind globally. The cross stands prominently 39 feet high.

Memorial Designs, Specifications And Standards

Each Holy Cross Memorial must meet the specifications set by the local cemetery association. All Kotecki Family professionals are knowledgeable and have the expertise to custom-design an elegant and approved memorial.

Holy Cross Cemetery
Memorials Pricing

Click and complete the ONLINE PRICING FORM to receive a reply from one of our memorial specialists. Our team will respond promptly to discuss your custom design, and review pricing and payment options.

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1888 – 1972
– Founded the Cleveland Browns in 1944.

Ralph J. Perk
1914 – 1999
– Cleveland’s 51st Mayor – served from 1971 to 1977.

Laurence “Larry Madge” Majerus
1908 – 1993
– Professional Boxer – fought for welterweight title in 1931.

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1956 – 1996
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