Kotecki Family Memorials are made from the finest granite and the inscriptions and laser etchings of photos and script will remain exacting and legible indefinitely.  But even the world’s greatest statues and finest memorials will, after time, weather and need cleaning, maintenance and possibly restoration to maintain their pristine facade.  Time and weather will slowly discolor cemetery markers and memorials. Freeze/thaw cycles can cause monuments to shift or become out of level, and algae, moss, mold and acid rain can combine to diminish the appearance and condition of granite. 

Kotecki repair and maintenance programs include, but is not limited to, cleaning and refurbishing of headstones, gravestones, markers, monuments and memorials as well as re-leveling any that have shifted.  Further, while bronze memorials are initially beautiful castings, they tend to discolor and assume a greenish tone with time.  

Returning bronze memorials and plaques to their original finish is also included in Kotecki renovating services. While large mausoleums, monuments, memorials and benches typically require additional cleaning and maintenance, Kotecki Family Memorials will faithfully clean and maintain most styles of traditional cemetery monuments for a fair and reasonable annual rate.  

We invite you to call or send an email for specific information and pricing.    


Gravesite Preservation Gallery