North Royalton Cemetery Memorials

Historic Cemetery - Oldest Survivor Of Revolutionary War - Lived 117 Years

Founded in 1866 as the Royalton Road Cemetery, graves were initially moved from other sites in Royalton Township. Kotecki Family Memorials has been an authorized provider of North Royalton Cemetery memorials for over a century.

Among the historic gravesites is that of John Shepherd (1729-1847). He was known to be the oldest survivor of the American Revolutionary War, passing at age 117. The Annis Family Association is also represented with many members buried.

The cemetery also has several Gold Star and Veterans memorials recognizing those who proudly served our country.

North Royalton Cemetery
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Memorial Designs, Specifications And Standards

With a 125-year history, Kotecki Family Memorials has a long legacy as both a partner and provider of custom community memorials. The work of five generations of family members is well represented throughout the Northeast Ohio area including North Royalton Cemetery. Our team is knowledgeable and experienced in the cemetery’s standards for memorial styles, granite colors, monument inscriptions, and gravesite preservation.

Established 1866
Historic Burial Park
Serving North Royalton Community
Nearly 5,000 Memorials
Five Generations Of Kotecki Family Service.
Styles And Designs
Many Custom Options Including
Unique Memorial Renderings
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North Royalton Cemetery
- North Royalton, Ohio


North Royalton Cemetery currently holds nearly 5,000 memorials. Headstones and markers are permitted. Kotecki memorialists are trained and knowledgeable on standards and specifications.

  • Street Address: 6170 Royalton Road
  • City: North Royalton, Ohio
  • County: Cuyahoga
  • Established: 1866
  • Memorials: 4,954 *