Votive Candles

The versatility of Votive Candles serves to memorialize the passing of loved ones, celebrate life and love or acknowledge a wedding, birthday, anniversary, graduation, military service, etc.  


Multipurpose and personally engraved votive candles convey a quiet respectful memorial sentiment… they emanate the warmth and joy of a wedding, birth or anniversary or they can commemorate a personal triumph, graduation or a bar or bat mitzvah.  


Multifaceted and multipurpose Votives glowingly radiate and celebrate the occasion in a personal and intimate way. Being event-specific, votive candles make significant events more memorable. They recall memories at a relative or friend’s passing while also serving to observe joyous occasions that celebrate life.


Kotecki maintains an impressive assortment of Votives from which to choose for tastefully engraving names, dates and occasions that can be emphasized further by laser photo-perfect etching the faces of the honored individuals.


Votive Candle Gallery