Nesbett Cemetery Memorials

Kotecki Memorialists Serve Grafton Township Cemeteries For Over 125 Years

Grafton Township maintains three historical burial parks within its boarders – Belden Cemetery, Nesbett Cemetery and Nichols Aldrich Cemetery. All properties serve as the final resting place for many locals and early founders of Lorain County.

All three cemeteries are available for burial of both residents and non-residents of the township. Plots are available the cemetery sexton for both traditional burial and interment of cremation remains.

The specialists at Kotecki Family Memorials have been authorized providers of cemetery memorials for over a century.

Nesbett Cemetery
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Memorial Designs, Specifications And Standards

With a 125-year history, Kotecki Family Memorials has a long legacy as both a partner and provider of custom community memorials. The work of five generations of family members is well represented throughout Lorain County including Nesbett Cemetery in Grafton Township. Our team is knowledgeable and experienced in the cemetery’s standards for memorial styles, granite colors, monument inscriptions, and gravesite preservation.

In 1818
A Grafton Township
Historic Cemetery
Over 1,300 Memorials
Five Generations Of Kotecki Family Service.
Styles And Designs
Many Custom Options Including
Unique Memorial Renderings
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Nesbett Cemetery
- Grafton Township, Ohio


Grafton Township maintains three local cemeteries, Belden Cemetery, Nesbett Cemetery and Nichols Aldrich Cemetery. The cemetery is located on the north side of State Route 57, nearly two miles east of Grafton and half a mile west of State Route 83.

  • Street Address: 36492 Grafton Eastern Road
  • City: Grafton Township, Ohio
  • County: Lorain
  • Established: 1818
  • Memorials: 1,329 *