York Township Cemetery Memorials

Historic Cemetery Reflects Local Families Dating Back To 1830s

One of Medina County’s oldest cemeteries with a long local history, members of the Kotecki Family Memorials team have proudly served York Township Cemetery for over one hundred years.

The cemetery’s first burial occurred in 1832, two years after the establishment of York Township. The park also maintains a veterans memorial recognizing the service of local families.

Among those early descendants include Caroline Lampson Alexander. Born in 1809, she married Giles Alexander. One of the early settlers of York, the couple were founding members of the Congregation Church. Together, Caroline and Giles had 13 children. According to media reports, Caroline passed in 1888 at the age of 80. She survived all but five of her children who were present at her funeral.

York Township Cemetery
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Memorial Designs, Specifications And Standards

With a 125-year history, Kotecki Family Memorials has a long legacy as both a partner and provider of custom community memorials. The work of five generations of family members is well represented throughout the Northeast Ohio area including York Township Cemetery. Our team is knowledgeable and experienced in the cemetery’s standards for memorial styles, granite colors, monument inscriptions, and gravesite preservation.

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York Township Cemetery - York Township, Ohio


The cemetery is located on the south side of Norwalk Road (OH Route 18) about 0.3 miles west of the intersection with Columbia Road (County Road 24). Also known as York Cemetery, Mallet Creek Cemetery, it serves as a historic interment site in western Medina County.

  • Street Address: 6768 Norwalk Road
  • City: York Township, Ohio
  • County: Medina
  • Established: 1832
  • Memorials: 1,767 *